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Ensemble (6+)
SWEET TOOTH (2018) flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, string quartet, piano and percussion [11′]

Au fond du cloître humide (2014) flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion [12′]
(Jules-Léger Prize 2014)

LUFT-1098 (2015)  flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, harp and synthesizer [9′]

Virelai (2013) recorder, alto flute, violin, viola, cello and trombone [9′]

Fribourgeoiseries (2012) violin, violoncello, flute, clarinet, piano, harp, lupophone, contraforte [12′]

Affectations romanesques (2011) viola, violoncello, trumpet, clarinet, oboe, piano, percussion [7′]

Unlock’d her Silent Throat (2008) horn, electric guitar, piano, two percussion, string quartet [12′]

Chamber (2-5)
Quicksilver (2018) String quartet and piano [10′]

STYROPORÖS (2016) violin, cello, clarinet, flute and bowed polystyrene [8′]

Into something rich and strange (2016) violin, cello, clarinet, flute and bowed polystyrene [8′]

Heiliggeistkircheinterludien (2017) viola, (bass-)clarinet and percussion [18′]

Et tu m’as nommée nouveau monde (2015) cello, bass clarinet, bass flute [8′]

So be it (2015) saxophone quartet [10′]

Chanson (2012) string quartet [14′]

Atlas Quartet (2010) shakuhachi, clarinet, duduk and english horn [12′]

Une rose (2009) woodwind quintet [9′]

My Favourite Melody (2013) piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, eighth-tone horn and tuba [8′]

Violon et Clarinette (2011) [7′]
(SOCAN Prize 2014)

At the still point (2016) two recorders and voice [9′]

Clarintabile (2014) clarinet and voice [12′]

Ricercar (2014) baroque violin [9′]

Soothe (2013) solo percussion [8′]

Ochluf (2010) organ [14′]

Prélude non mesuré (2011/12) pour cor sans corrections et piano sans pianiste [9′] 

Né à l’envers (2008) flute [4′]

Six miniatures assez faciles (2006) piano [4′]

Morgensternlieder (2017) soprano and clarinet [8′]

Der Erdriese (2017) soprano and piano [5′]

Die alten, bösen Lieder (2016) (mezzo-)soprano and percussion [9′]

Ballade (2013) (mezzo-)soprano and bandoneon [4′]

Maar… (2013) soprano and pierrot ensemble [8′]

Silk Hole (2011) three female voices and big band [4′]

It had something to do with the telling of time… (2010) amplified mezzo-soprano and ten players [9′]
(GAUDEAMUS MUZIEKWEEK nomination 2011)

Prothesen der Autonomie (Prosthetics of Autonomy) (2016/17) 
opera for one singer and two strings, accordion, and synthesizer
(text by Franziska vom Heede)
(Berliner Opernpreis – Neuköllner Oper)

Nils Karlsson-Däumling (2018/19)  children’s opera soprano and violin [35′]
(text by Manfred Weiß, on a story by Astrid Lindgren)
(Deutsche Oper am Rhein)

My Corporate Identity (2016/17)  opera in ten scenes for four singers and chamber orchestra [40′]
(text by Uta Bierbaum)
(Neue Szenen Prize – Deutsche Oper Berlin)

Manifeste Assi (2015)  for reciter and cello, bass clarinet and bass flute [55′]
(text by Natasha-Kanapé Fontaine and Joséphine Bacon)

Interlude and Finale for a night of Monteverdi (2012/13) seven singers, baroque strings, two percussionists and two Bassi Continui [5′;13′]
(text by Tarquinio Tasso, Ottavio Rinuccini, Giovanni Busenello and Thierry Tidrow)

Less Truth More Telling (2012) one-act opera for two singers, two speakers and chamber orchestra [30′]
(text by Matthew Ricketts)
(SOCAN Prize 2014)